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Our Services

FPC established a strategy of partnership with their clients providing supporting services for their clients for a long period of time from the perspective of partners , not from the perspective of a traditional service provider and client , in parallel with another partnership strategy FPC formulated with different specialized experts and service providers working as alliance under the umbrella of FPC , managed , integrated and harmonized by FPC management . The target from that is provide expert services to support clients for all project stages and successfully manage the technical and commercial responsibilities assigned by clients in several projects and facilities in KSA in different fields including : Facilities Management, Projects Management , Medical Equipment Planning , Managerial Consultancies , Building Inspection, IT & Business Solutions.

Facility Management

Our approach is unique and comprehensive that reaches all levels: At Strategic Level, we analyze the organizations’ short-term and long-term objectives; and then we develop a strategy of Physical Resources. At Management Level, we design programs, policies and KPIs for each aspect of management. At Operational Level, we execute plans, run facilities, and deliver services to our clients.

Project Management

FPC take some extraordinary engineering feats without being shy away from a challenge.  We rely on advanced technology to deliver engineering and construction projects to our customers. We create a PMO office for each project, equipped a team of expert who can provide end-to-end supply chain management for implementing a project. Our services include, among others, procurement management and construction management.

Medical Equipment

FPC experts are qualified to assist you in building or planning the next phase of your hospital. From single-department renovations to new construction of major medical institutions, our knowledge of the systems that support medical technology helps your project flow smoothly. Our design work saves you money by providing technology assessment studies; specialty planning; expert knowledge of current and emerging technology; equipment programming, budgeting and prioritization; and bid analysis

Management Consultancies

With a vision of integration, FPC provides management consultancies through its licensed affiliate FAS Management Consultancies. Though FAS Management Consultancies, we provide wide range of management services, including Business Strategy, Organizational Development, Automation, Financial Management, Financial Due Diligence and Marketing Due Diligence.

IT & Business Solutions

The flexible and powerful Thrive Platform offers a wide range of IT solutions for all sized business challenges. With unmatched technical expertise and years of experience in managing network infrastructure, we partner closely with our clients to create a customized solution that meets the exact needs of your organization.