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Facility Management

Our approach is unique and comprehensive that reaches all levels: At Strategic Level, we seek to understand first the purpose of t

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Project Management

The key to a successful project often depends on what happens in its earliest phase. Before any work commences, there is an idea, a vision.

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Medical Equipment

With more than 10 years of experience, FPC experts are qualified to assist you in building or planning the next phase of your hospital.

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Management Consultancies

With vision of integration, FPC provides management consultancies through its licensed affiliate FAS Management consultancies.

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IT & Business Solutions

The flexible and powerful Thrive Platform offers a wide range of IT solutions for all sized business challenges.

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Company Overview Professional Program Management & Project Management Company

FPC is considered as one of the first Saudi national companies in KSA who took the initiation for redefining the aspects of managing programs & specialized projects in order to develop the concepts of providing technical & management services for entire projects from valuation, planning / design stages to procurement, construction, close-out & hand-over, testing & commissioning, operation & maintenance stages.

FPC Partnership Strategy

FPC established a strategy of partnership with their clients providing supporting services for their clients for a long period of time from the perspective of partners , not from the perspective of a traditional service provider and client , in parallel with another partnership strategy FPC formulated with different specialized experts and service providers working as alliance under the umbrella of FPC , managed , integrated and harmonized by FPC management . The target from that is provide expert services to support clients for all project stages and successfully manage the technical and commercial responsibilities assigned by clients in several projects and facilities in KSA .

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